My name is FaithFatherMan, and I am a husband of almost 20 years, with three beautiful children, and two dogs.  I have a wonderful extended family, and just like any family, it’s own unique brand of dysfunction when it comes to relationships.

I own a home in Texas, and I love living here.  I love being at home, and I love to talk.  So as you can imagine, I love talking to people in my home.  The only thing better is a good glass of Jameson’s to grease the wheels of thought and creativity.

My wife challenges me everyday, and she has the best personality, especially when I’m in an ornery mood.  My kiddos are creative, athletic, and keep me constantly going and confused.  I never knew something so small could make me scratch my head in befuddlement as they often do.  The only thing more confusing than my children, is my wife, after 20 years of intimacy, I’m still shocked at just how wrong I am!!

I love to learn, I can’t think of anything better than reading a new book, and walking away ready to tell everyone I know, about what I learned.  This feeling is the impetus for the blog, just too many things to discuss, and I want to keep my wife from going insane with all of my questions.