Faith, Fatherhood, Manhood

As a man of faith, a father of three, and at the very base of everything I am, a man.  My desire for this is to still those thoughts which constantly run through my mind, which deal with those topics and could perhaps help someone, anyone who may have the same questions.  At the very least, dialogue is my utmost concern.  One of the major issues in any discussion or argument these days is the lack of good dialogue between differing opinions or ideologies.  I’m not looking for simple as a imbecile embraces it, but rather looking for simplicity as l am sure it is the best route to life’s most profound answers.

I see things as they are, my wife has always stated I can cut through the mess with profound ease, but this comes at a price, I’m blunt and have an uncanny ability to bruise even the most buoyant personality.  So, in this, I will do my best to create an atmosphere of truth, and candidness.  I’m not one to usually get my feelings hurt, there is always more than one side of any story and perceptions are as numerous as the galaxies.

So, this blog’s intent is to focus on issues of faith, family, and my perceptions as a man.  I don’t believe in ad hominem attacks, I believe in love as our God has given us the choice.  These choices are all I dare to speak about; my choices in life and hopefully I can leave someone with a positive and faithful perspective which helps them in their everyday struggles.

As our relationship grows through dialogue and thought, I hope to answer any questions you may have, and I hope you’re willing to do the same.  May God bless you and your families!  God is good, all the time, and all the time God is good!!!